BAD CHECKS         


To file criminal charges in Georgia for Deposit Account Fraud (Bad Check(s)) one of the below listed elements must be present:

If one of the above elements exist than you must send a demand letter within 90 days of receiving the check via certified mail to the last address you have for the offender, and ten (10) days after the offender's receipt, if no payment has been made, you can sign an arrest warrant.  If the certified mail receipt is returned undelivered, an arrest warrant can be issued.  

For your convenience, a sample demand letter is provided for you.  The sample demand letter requires the Adobe Acrobat  portable document format (PDF) viewer and is a FILLABLE form.  If you do not already have the viewer installed on your system, you must download and install the software prior to viewing the document online. Click here to obtain a free copy from Adobe Systems, Inc.  Download the sample demand letter by right clicking on the link and save the file to your computer.  Again this is a FILLABLE form which may be completed online before you print it.

Click here for the PDF format sample demand letter.  



The following information must be made available at the time that the police report is filed:


Prior to the signing of criminal complaints, restitution can be made. These transactions are between the merchant and customer. The police department will not collect or handle any monies.





You are hereby notified that the following check (s) or instrument (s)                                                                    

 Number                       Date                       Amount              Name of Bank    

____________                 ____________                   ____________                   ____________ 

____________                 ____________                   ____________                   ____________ 

____________                 ____________                   ____________                   ____________ 

____________                 ____________                   ____________                   ____________ 

____________                 ____________                   ____________                   ____________ 

drawn upon ______________ and payable to ______________, (has) (have) been dishonored. Pursuant to Georgia law, you have ten days from receipt of this notice to tender payment of the total amount of the instrument(s) plus the applicable service charge(s) of $____________ and any fee charged to the holder of the instrument(s) by a bank or financial institution as a result of the instrument(s) not being honored, the total amount due being ______________ dollars and ________ cents. Unless this amount is paid in full within the specified time above, a presumption in law arises that you delivered the instrument(s) with the intent to defraud and the dishonored instrument(s) and all other available information relating to this incident may be submitted to the magistrate for the issuance of a criminal warrant or citation or to the district attorney or solicitor-general for criminal prosecution.