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Code Enforcement

The City of East Point prides itself on being a safe, diverse and beautiful urban community.  The East Point Police Department and the Code Enforcement Division play an important role in preserving the quality of life that we all enjoy as resident of the City of East Point. 

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Mission Statement 

“Committed to a clean, safe and beautiful East Point for all to enjoy.” 

Code Enforcement is committed to forming practical partnerships with citizens, which includes the mutual goal-setting process aimed at addressing public health, physical decay and environmental issues through the provisions of education, information to the public, and the enforcement of city nuisance and regulatory ordinances.

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Resolving Code Complaints 

Talk to your neighbor and ask for their cooperation. If that fails…

Use the Internet Form to report the violation.


Call (404 ) 559–6270 a Code Enforcement Officer will return your call.  Give exact location of the problem, including house number.  Give a specific description of the complaint (i.e., vehicle make, model, tag number).

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Report Code Violations

The Code Enforcement Division is under the direction of the Chief of Police.  All life threatening emergencies should immediately be reported by dialing 911.  Non-emergency complaints will be assigned to the appropriate code enforcement inspector for follow-up.  Code complaints may be made to the Police Department, at any time by using any of the three (3) listed methods:

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Courtesy Notice – Door Hanger, Sticker or Verbal Warning 

A door hanger or window sticker may be left a the location of a violation, with written instructions describing the type of violation, a suggested method of correction and the number of days to meet compliance.  A re-inspection of the property will determine if the violation has been corrected.  If compliance is not met, then enforcement action will begin.

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Citation and Other Remedies 

The citation, or official notice of violation of city code, begins the process of the non-compliant violator to appear before the City Magistrate’s Court.  Property owners who fail to comply will be given a citation/summons to appear in person before the Court.  Notice of violation may be sent via certified mail.  Continuing violations may result in an arrest or arrest warrant, which may be followed by fines, liens and foreclosure.

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Code Enforcement Tips 

Code Enforcement Pamphlet for Residents

Code Enforcement Pamphlet for Business

Folleto De Informacion en Espańol

The pamphlets are available for viewing and/or printing online by using the Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF) viewer. If you do not already have the viewer installed on your system, you must download and install the software prior to viewing the document online. Click here to obtain a free copy from Adobe Systems, Inc.  Download the pamphlet by right clicking on the link and save the file to your computer. 

Common Violations:
• Section 10-2033 “Junked Motor Vehicle” shall mean any vehicle which is without current registration, without current tag, or which is one or more of the following:  (1) Wrecked (2) Dismantled (3) Partially Dismantled (4) Inoperative.

• Section 7-7003(b) It shall be unlawful to place an automotive vehicle, boat or trailer, motor coach, camper or similar type vehicle on a front, side, or rear yard.

• Section 7-7003 It shall be unlawful for the occupant of premises or the owner of premises to have or to place any of the following on said premises to the extent and in a manner that could threaten or endanger the public health, safety, or welfare or could adversely affect the impair the economic value of adjacent property.  (1) Any accumulation of litter, debris, garbage, dead trees, excessive leaf accumulation or animal excrement on any front, side or rear yard or any porch, or underneath any building or in any accessory building.  (2) Any object or objects on the front, side or rear yards, any porches or underneath any building or in any accessory building unless such objects are completely enclosed with a solid fence or such height that the objects are completely screened from the view of persons or adjacent property and to passers-by on public rights-of-way.  (3) Any grass or weeds of a height of six (6) inches or more or any unkempt vegetation in any part of the yard.

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Code Enforcement Team

Sgt. B. Halliburton Code Enforcement Supervisor (404) 559-6290
Code Officer 3 Tommie Neal (404) 559-6267  
Code Officer 2 Margaret DeBerry (404) 559-6268
Code Officer I Joel Atkins (404) 559-6271
Code Officer I Renaldo Moore (404) 559-6433
Code Officer I Meredith Rhodes (404) 559-6273
Code Officer I Tynetta Stubbs (404) 559-6347
Complaint Hotline (404) 559-6270


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