City of East Point, Georgia Code Violations 
(Bold print - most common violation)
Alcoholic beverage license required 11-1002 Land-disturbing activities-Permit / Penalties 10-10010
Alcoholic beverage-Condition of premises 11-1127 Littering / Illegal Dumping  7-2022
Alcoholic beverage-Distance and area req. 11-1021 Noises; loud and unnecessary 13-2017
Alcoholic beverage-Drive-in and curb service 11-1017 Noises-Working after hours 13-2017(c)(10)
Alcoholic beverage-Employee permits 11-1023 Nuisance-Determination of unfitness 7-4003
Alcoholic beverage-Gambling prohibited 11-1126 Obstructing officers 13-1012
Alcoholic beverage-Happy hour regulations 11-1092 Off-street Parking-Construction and maint. 10-2092
Alcoholic beverage-Hours of operation 11-1016 Open-air eating places, lighting requirements 13-2018
Alcoholic beverage-License renewal 11-1020 Outdoor Storage 10-2029
Alcoholic beverage-Minors; prohibited acts 11-1018 Outside burning prohibited 8-1016
Alcoholic beverage-misrepresent age 11-1138 Palmistry or fortunetelling 13-2019
Alcoholic beverage-Open containers 11-1014 Parking of certain vehicles 10-2033
Alcoholic beverage-Open to inspection 11-1013 Parking-Buses, boats, trailers prohibited 12-2007
Alcoholic beverage-Penalty for nonpayment 11-1088 Parking-Lane Obstruction 12-2005
Alcoholic beverage-Prohibited acts 11-1144 Parking-Leaving motor vehicle unattended 12-2003
Alcoholic beverage-Refusal to make report 11-1027 Parking-Loading zones, desingated 12-2009
Alcoholic beverage-Sale to minors; others 11-1137 Parking-Method of parking, generally 12-2001
Alcoholic beverage-Sale w/o license 11-1103 Parking-Near Intersection 12-2010
Alcoholic beverage-State regualtions 11-1012 Parking-Permitted and public parking 12-2002
Amusement arcade-license required 11-3004 Parking-Prohibited areas 12-2004
Animals-Pens; enclosures; maximum number 7-3014 Parking-Public Streets 12-2006
Bondsman-Permit required 5-3103 Parking-Restricted Parking; violations 12-2012
Building Code-Building Permit required 10-4001(2) Parking-Trucks prohibited 12-2008
Building Code-Licensed contractor 10-4001(1) Parking-Vehicle for sale 12-2011
Building Code-Working out of scope of permit 10-4001(1) Pawnbroker-Articles retained for 30 days 5-3184
Buiness License-Residential areas 5-3032 Pawnbroker-Business license required 5-3176
Business License required 5-2018 Pawnbroker-Employee registration 5-3178
Business License-Expired Registration 5-2003(a) Pawnbroker-Hours of operation 5-3183
Business License-Failure to comply 5-2024 Pawnbroker-Permit required annually 5-3173
Business License-No fixed location 5-2010.1 Pawnbroker-Photo of firearms/sellers required 5-3182
Business License-Operating While Delinquent 5-2003(b) Pawnbroker-Purchase records required 5-3181
Business License-Persons with no fixed place 5-3010 Pawnbroker-Records open to inspection 5-3180
Business License-Registration Required 5-2002 Pawnbrokers-Dealing with minors 5-3185
Business License-Regulatory fees 5-2009 Pawnbrokers-Surety bond required 5-3186
Business License-Rental Units 5-2030 Peddlers and Solicitors-License required 11-8002
Business License-Revocation/refuse to renew 5-2027 Peddlers and Solicitors-Regulations 11-8013
Business License-Separate Businesses 5-2021 Peddling fish or meat prohibited 13-2026
Business License-Tax registration revoked 5-2023 Planting of trees near streets, sidewalks 8-1034
Business-Display of emergency number 5-3025 Removal of Political Advertising 11-2012
Cigarette vending machines prohibited 13-2028 Sexual oriented business-license required 11-6004
Cleaning up after pets  7-3021 Sidewalks, Street or Gutters-Keep clean 8-1009.1
Commercial Property-Ground vibrations 10-2035(c) Sidewalks-By private person; permit required 8-1095
Commercial Property-Heat, light and glare 10-2035(b) Sidewalks-Duty of Owner to Keep Clean/Safe 8-1009
Commercial Property-Liguid pollutants 10-2035(g) Signs-Advertising on utility poles, trees, etc. 11-2009
Commercial Property-Noise 10-2035(e) Signs-Advertising signs; special restrictions 10-7015
Commercial Property-Odor,dust,dirt,smoke 10-2035(d) Signs-Nonconforming signs 10-7010
Commercial Property-pollution control 10-2035(a) Signs-Permit required 10-7003
Commercial Property-Toxic gases / fumes 10-2035(f) Signs-Prohibited and restricted signs 10-7012
Commerical Property-Operator responsibility 10-9007 Signs-Sign in right of way 10-7012(a)
Commerical Property-Owner responsibility 10-9006 Solicitations on public property 13-1022
Cruelty to Animals 7-3001 Stock running at large-Prohibited 7-3009
Damage to City Property 4-2022 Storage of derelict vehicles 7-7003(c)
Dead animals-storage prohibited 7-3004 Traffic Control for work by private contractors 13-4005
Discharging air rifles 13-1006 Unauthorized use of sanitary sewer system 13-2024.1
Display for sale of used motor vehicles 13-2029 Utilities-Unauthorized restoration of service 8-2013
Display of pornographic materials 13-2027 Vacant Structures (Sec. 28.18  FPC, 1976) 6-2037(d)(16)
Dive-Maintaining a Dive 13-2008(a) Vegetation disturbance permit single-family lot 10-6004
Dive-Occupying a Dive 13-2008(c) Vegetation disturbancepermit required 10-6003
Dog Kennels 7-3056 Water-Emergency water regulations 8-2007
Dogs-Impoundment 7-3055 Water-Flooding property of another 8-2017
Dogs-Vaccination and licensing 7-3052 Water-Foreign matter in water or drains 8-2016
Driveways-Permit required 8-1094 Water-Interfering with free flow 13-2024
Driveways-Time of completion 8-1097 Water-Release of harmful chemicals, etc. 13-2023
Erosion & Sedimentation Control 10-2031 Zoning-Accessory buildings 10-2023
Excavations;leaving unguarded 13-2006(b) Zoning-Building Permit time limitations 10-2112(4)
Failure to Maintain-Litter, debri, etc. 7-7003(a)(1) Zoning-Building Permits required 10-2112(1)
Failure to Maintain-Objects in front yard 7-7003(a)(2) Zoning-Certificate of Occupancy 10-2114
Failure to Maintain-Objects in side/rear yards 7-7003(a)(3) Zoning-Distance between buildings 10-2024
Failure to Maintain-Parking in yard 7-7003(b) Zoning-General use regulations 10-2004
Failure to Maintain-Storage building 7-7003(a)(5) Zoning-Height and density 10-2005
Failure to Maintain-Unkept Vegetation 7-7003(a)(4) Zoning-Lot occupancy 10-2006
Fences 10-2025 Zoning-Minimum floor area for sleeping 10-2033.1
Flea Markets-business registration required 5-3222 Zoning-Nonconforming use 10-2010
Flea Markets-Records required 5-3224 Zoning-Only one principal building per lot 10-2009
Flooding-Duty of Owners/ditches,drains,streams 8-2018 Zoning-Reduction in lot area 10-2008
Garage sales 13-2025 Zoning-Required standards of development 10-2034
Garbage-Deposit in container / bags 7-2002 Zoning-Residential construction standards 10-2033.2
Garbage-Discard bulky objects; notice required 7-2019 Zoning-Residential infill development 10-2033.4
Garbage-Disposal / screens by food sellers 7-2006 Zoning-Street access 10-2021
Garbage-Disposal of debri from repairs, etc. 7-2005 Zoning-Vision clearance at corners/signals 10-2026
Garbage-Duty of apartment owners 7-2017 Zoning-Yard use limitation 10-2007
Garbage-Time / Location 7-2003
Graffiti Ordinance-Failure to remove 13-2035
Graffiti Ordinance-Notice to remove 13-2034
Graffiti Ordinance-Prohibited acts 13-2032
Handbills-Prohibited Practices 11-2010      
Handbills-Violations and Penalties 11-2011
Hogs-Compliance with requirements 7-3015
Hogs-Permit required 7-3016
Hotels and boarding houses;register required 13-2013
House Numbers-required 8-1005
Infestation No Ordinance
Injury resulting from hazardous materials 13-2015.1
Injury to city fire, water or communications  13-2015
Injury to shade trees 13-1009
Injury to street signs 13-1008
Junk Vehicles 10-2033
Most recent Supplement to Code of Ordinances No. 60