Domestic Violence Unit 

In the United States nearly one third (31%) of American women report being physically or sexually abused by a husband, or boyfriend, at some point in their lives. 50% of men who assault their partners also abuse their children.  37% of women who sought treatment in emergency rooms for violence- related injuries in 1994, were injured by a current or familiar intimate.

The cost of Domestic Violence is great to all of us. Law Enforcement Officers have the biggest impact on stopping violence in the home. He or she can make the difference in whether the victim makes the journey to extricate from the situation, or whether she continues to stay in the situation, convinced there is no help.  The Zero Tolerance of this Department for this type of crime, together with caring individuals in the community, who report incidents of Domestic Violence, have caused a substantial reduction in the amount of repeat offenders of Domestic Violence.  We also have been able to refer many victims of Domestic Violence, to agencies that provide care, counseling, Restraining Orders and legal counsel.

It is the purpose of the Domestic Violence Unit, to follow up on all Domestic Violence incidents that occur in our city. We collect evidence that will help in the prosecution of the crime.  Past histories of offenders are obtained by checking N.C.I.C. / G.C.I.C., and through interviews with family members, relatives, friends, neighbors etc.  Victims are referred to the appropriate help agencies.  Batterers are also referred to agencies that provide anger management counseling, and substance abuse counseling. In some cases The Department of Family & Child Services is notified if there is violence against children.

If you have any future questions, or need some information, feel free to contact The Domestic Violence Unit at (404) 765-1129.

This is a list of agencies that are currently being used by the Domestic Violence Unit. Feel free to contact them if you have any further question.


Men Stopping Violence

(For male offenders of Domestic Violence)

(404) 270-9894

Caminar Latino

(Formerly Latino Families at Risk)

(404) 851-7764

The Domestic Violence Hotline

(800) 799-SAFE

Partnership Against Domestic Violence

(404) 873-1766

Georgia Recovery

(770) 988-8333

(404) 508-3004

(770) 489-1393

High Impact Training & Consulting

(404) 523-6074

Men Advocating Non-Violence

(404) 292-8388

Ponce de Leon Counseling Services

(404) 897-3443


To obtain Restraining Orders please call "The Victim Witness Assistance Program" @ (404) 730-6883 or "The Temporary Protective Order Program" @ (404) 865-8176.