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Citizens Patrol CarBellSouth Mobility has provided free airtime and phones for a program called Communities on Phone Patrol (COPP). Neighborhood watch group leaders received the phones programmed for 911 or the East Point Police non emergency number. These leaders had to complete a law enforcement training program (Citizens Police Academy) through the police department. The COPP program is a national crime-fighting initiative launched  by President Clinton and the wireless industry. East Point is the first city in Georgia to participate in the program.

The Community Policing Unit has also been responsible for creating several community organization groups (commonly referred to by others as  neighborhood watch programs) within the residential as well as apartment complexes.  We realize that we are not able to be everywhere at all times of the day, but with the assistance of those that reside in any particular area they will certainly be more conscious of any abnormalities in their area.  We encourage the residents to be more watchful of people, strange cars or events in their neighborhoods in order to assist the police in serving them to the best of our ability.  An apartment and residential lesson plan was developed so that for the most part the officers assigned to present the information will have an appropriate guideline to follow.