How To Choose The Right Big And High Office Chair

How To Choose The Right Big And High Office Chair

Have you ever heard what says one size fits everyone? Although this may be true for some clothes or maybe jewelry, it can not be said for office chairs. With people that vary in shape and size, not all office chairs can accommodate each individual's needs, which requires the need for special chairs. The truth is that most office chairs are designed for individuals weighing less than 250 pounds and lying between heights 54-510. But how about everyone else? Fortunately, if you happen to be a bit bigger or higher than what is considered average, there are chairs designed for you, large and large office chairs.

Why should you have a big and high office chair?

If you have ever worked in an office before, you probably have come to find that everyone is in the same exact office chair. You may also have noticed that larger or heavier people often find it difficult to sit in the right posture. This is because these people are not suitable for a regular office chair. For a higher individual, the incorrect seat size can lead to many problems, including not having enough support for the thighs and having to change around unpleasantly to try to sit in a comfortable position. Even sitting all the way back in his chair, higher users can get their legs extended much longer than everyone else. This leads to an incorrect posture that will ultimately lead to back pain and pain.

For heavier users, they can find parts of their chair that turn off or wipe much faster than other users. This is because most chairs are only designed to hold up to 250 pounds, because they are only designed and created for this weight capacity. Incorrect cylinders, which make the seat height longer adjustable, are among the most common problems with a chair that has a weight capacity less than the user, along with broken armrests and chairs. Understandably, this can be a security risk and perhaps a legal issue.

Necessary adjustments

To choose the right large and high office chair for you, it is important to look for some adjustable features on your new potential office chair before you buy. The first feature to look for is a seat switch that allows the user to adjust the seat depth by pulling out the seat and adjusting the length. This is especially important for those who are longer and need the extra seat cover to fully support the thighs.

Another important adjustment to consider is the cylinder, which allows the chair to be adjusted up and down. A chair with a standard size cylinder may not be enough for those who are longer and need the extra height to sit with the 90 degree angle knees and feet that are properly placed on the floor. Special large and high chairs sometimes live with varying cylinder heights to meet the needs of higher individuals. A manufacturer in particular that offers different cylinder heights as an alternative with their chairs is ErgoCentric.

Measures to consider

Before buying a large and high chair, there are some measurements that should be taken into account before making the purchase. The first measurement to be seen is the depth of the seat. Most standard sizes are about 19 deep; If you are longer, try to find a seat that can be adjusted to at least 21 with a seat adjuster to fit comfortably while sitting. Another measure to be taken into consideration is the height of the chair. Leg stiffness and rigidity can occur if the legs are bent an unnatural angle from sitting on a chair that is too short. Finally, the height of the chairs is another important measure. A chair with a small back will not provide the support needed for a higher individual and can lead to unnecessary back, shoulder and neck pain.


A common problem for most is, of course, the cost of the product. Unfortunately, large and high office chairs can cost quite a penny, with the most costing anywhere in the range of $ 300- $ 600, with a few costs even more than that. The reason for this high price is the quality of materials used to design the chair to ensure it can maintain higher capacity while providing comfort and support. While it may seem like the investment, if you spend long hours a day sitting at work, the added comfort you get will improve your productivity and create a more fun working environment.

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